No gadget buff can forget the innovative and the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, the strongest rival of Apple’s iPhone series smartphones. Running in Android operating system, Samsung Galaxy SII made it big within no time. Recently a retailer made a surprising announcement of Samsung Galaxy SII’s new version in its site. It seems most of the specifications of Galaxy S2 will remain with high definition support being the lone differentiator.


The features which make SII HD different from SII are

  • 4.65 inches HD
  • 720p resolution display and a
  • Faster CPU of 1.5 GHz clockspeed.

However, it has been noted that retailer doesn’t have any new pictures of the Galaxy SII HD, other than a couple of old ones which came up in Samsung’s Korean site. All we can do now is to keep our fingers crossed, till Samsung decides to disclose more information on the smartphone.