Samsung 4G Epic expanding and running on the innovative Sprint 4G networks provides simultaneous data and voice connection. Samsung Epic is powered by version 2.1 Android Operating system and with the deep incorporation of Google services and get access to hundreds of applications to customize your Smartphone through Android market. This Smartphone has a downloading speed of 3.1 Mbps and has access to built-in hotspot functionality.

Connectivity and Other Features

This platform allows more than five Wi-Fi enabled devices to work simultaneously and share 3G or 4G experience with a music player, camera, and laptop and game units. Samsung Epic has super large 4-inch touch screen and this offers you with thinner, higher and brighter resolution in comparison with traditional screens. 4G Epic’s latest display technology allows you to watch videos and movies never like before, even in outdoor and bright light environments. Samsung 4G Epic has VGA forward-facing camera in order to do video calling and has preloaded QIk application that enables interactive and real-time conversation between mobile devices.