Counter strike is by far the most played multiplayer First player shooting game on this planet , yeah I can bet on this . A developer over at XDA has posted a game which is the mobile version of Counter Strike developed using Unity3D platform. The game will support multiplayer gaming through two ways, Facebook and Kongregate and the initial version is already available for download . There are two different version of the game , one for android 2.0+ devices called 5-series app and one for android 2.3+ devices called the 6-series app .

I have played counter strike crazily on PC but I have a feeling it would be difficult to manage controls with the smartphones given the endless functions available in CS .Though it would be interesting to play it on phones likeĀ  Sony Xperia Play . The most famous map of the original Counter Strike named De_dust2 is also included in the game. However bear this in mind that the version available for download is not the final version and it might have some bugs in it. Have a look at the video of the Counter strike game play on android device.


Download version 5o

Download version 6p (like cs 1.6)