The power of the idolpad 7 cannot be underestimated because it uses the power of single core processor with 1 GHz configuration, Apart from above; the gadget is loaded with 7 inches screen providing touch screen technology to the users.  Using the Android 2.3 ginger bread version, the device is able to offer exemplary performance to the customers.

Network and Connectivity

Presence of the 360 G sensor is instrumental in delivering enhanced network power to the smart phone.  Internal memory of 4GB is used to store data in the form of videos and audio files. It can be extended to 32 GB based on the requirements and the specifications of the users. Similarly the idol pad provides an ideal platform for the customers to support internet and Wi-Fi connection without any hiccups. USB 2.0 plays a crucial role in high speed data transfer in an easy and hassle free manner.  Netflix video is available with the gadget so that people are able to download amazing content from the internet. Skype facility helps in initiating the video calls and is bundled along with the gadget at an affordable price of 200$.