Launching of the Sony Xperia ST25i kumquat gadget has created huge expectations among the customers. It is a well known fact that the Android device is equipped with 3.5 inches touch screen which helps to browse through folders and applications in a wonderful manner. Presence of 1 GHz dual core processor is sufficient to manage different software downloaded from the internet.  Rear camera with 5 mega pixels of configuration is able to capture snaps of different objects.

Resolution and Connectivity

It provides impeccable resolution of 380*584 pixels which would go a long way to deliver impeccable results. Similarly frontal camera with 1.3 mega pixels is able to provide the facility of video calling in an easy and hassle free manner. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work in tandem to provide impeccable data transfer to the users, so that they are able to connect to the internet and browse websites according to their requirements and specifications.  Usage of micro SD card with 8 GB of memory is an amazing proposition for consumers because they can store audio video content in an impeccable manner.