Gaming has reached a pivotal stage in the mobile world, with high end games being made, for the small yet power house phones found in the market these days. Games like Dead Space and Brothers in Arms have really showed us the true power of  the micro sized graphic cards found in the phones today.

What’s next in Android gaming? Earlier this month Gameloft announced that they had partnered with Verizon to enable in-game voice chat over their 4G LTE network. The first game to receive this treatment should be the popular Ashphalt 6, which Gameloft was showing off at CES in Qualcomm’s booth.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Verizon to illustrate the potential of in-game voice chat and multiplayer over the 4G LTE network,” said Baudouin Corman, vice president of Publishing for the Americas at Gameloft. “Gameloft seeks to provide gamers with a complete mobile gaming experience and feels that these features are at the forefront of the platform’s future.”

In Gameloft’s demo only three gamers could play and talk at the same time, but hopefully that number is expanded when this feature reaches consumers later this year. I was once an obsessed online multiplayer gamer (Unreal Tournament ’99), so I know how voice chat is essential to team-based match-ups. So, the “LTE” or commonly know  as 4G,  technology  is sure to heat up the gaming atmosphere all together.

Don’t forget to check out Gameloft’s  Teaser.

Source: Gameloft