I am a die hard fan of sports and love being updated with scores of the matches I follow. Yeah there are times when I am taking classes at my college and refreshing the ESPN webpage to get latest scores . Good news for all sports lovers including me, today Android market got the update for the ESPN ScoreCenter which will bring Score updates and breaking news notifications. The update will allow users to be notified of game start, scoring plays, end of period etc. The update will also allow users to get rid of some bugs specially faced by ICS users. The best part of the app is the large range of sports and league it covers . It allows you to follow scores from hundreds of leagues including:
– NFL Football
– NBA Basketball
– MLB Baseball
– NHL Ice Hockey
– NCAA Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse, Water polo, and more
– Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and hundreds of additional soccer leagues and tournaments
– NASCAR, Formula 1, Indycar
– Golf
– Tennis
– Cricket
– Rugby

I have got my update and will no more need to refresh webpage for scoring updates. Get yourself to the android market and BE UPDATED !

Via : Android Market