The Android modding community is like a one big happy family who’s  very existence is possible only by the tireless efforts of developers who seek to further enrich the Android experience by rooting and modding the software on their smartphones. Well unfortunately, that whole ecosystem may soon be threatened with the expiration of the jailbreaking (and rooting) exemption law granted by the U.S. Copyright Office to help protect those of us who chose to modify the software on our devices from legal threats. Without that law, users who jailbreak or root their devices could face criminal charges — sounds like a crazy, post-apocalyptic future, like the ones which we see in sci-fi films right ?

Well, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (who filed for the original jailbreaking/rooting exemption 3 years ago) is on our side and is looking for supporters to help renew the law and keep hackers and modders out of prison. It doesn’t just stop at smartphones either. The EFF is also pushing for tablets and video game consoles to be included in the exemption (I’m pretty sure that after reading this many console users would have a big smile on their face) after Media relations director and digital right analyst for the EFF, Rebecca Jeschke had this to say,

“The law was never intended to limit legal activity with a device that was legally bought. It’s not good policy for consumers. The idea that you might face criminal charges because you altered your own property is totally unfair. The goal here is to make the law really clear.”

Probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise but Apple fought against the exemption (surprise, surprise) back when it was introduced in 2010 and it’s iOS users that really have something to worry about with Apple’s trigger happy legal team always on the hunt. Just when you thought you could put down you pitchforks in protest of SOPA, a new cause is born. You can help by signing the petition at

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation