Chrome and Android are certainly Google’s best products in the recent history. Chrome has gone to become the second largest browser next to Internet Explorer, and Android has become the largest smartphone OS. But its been a puzzle why Google never released Chrome browser on the Android. The default browser that ships with Android shared some code with Chrome, but was never as great as the desktop chrome.

There were lot of guesses on why Google didn’t ship its top browser with its top mobile OS. Of all the guesses going around, the truth was that for a long time both the Chrome and Android development teams were working independently without any collaboration at all. When Google’s executives even thought about bringing chrome to Android, the thought that would have stuck them is the competition that could arise between the web apps and the native android apps. The desktop version of chrome ships with the web store that has hundreds of web apps. If Chrome was to come to Android, then the Android market and the Chrome’s Web Store could have lot of competing apps. Google should have a proper policy to prevent such competition, that could be a reason for why  Chrome has not yet arrived on Android.

There are lots of third party browsers that have become top browsers in Android like Opera, Dolphin, Firefox, Skyfire etc. Android has few apps like Chrome to Phone and Phone to Chrome to integrate the mobile browser and the desktop chrome. If Chrome for Android was to come, then there will be no need for all these apps. Chrome will have a tight integration between its mobile and desktop browsers.

Chrome for Android is certainly getting baked. But when is it going to show up ? We can only guess. Chrome is based on Chromium an open source project, primarily driven by Google. One of the tickets from a Google engineer surfaced to the public domain, which indicated that Chromium was built on the Android platform as well. Recently there has been few rumors on Chrome showing up on Google TV during the CES 2012. Whenever Chrome is going to come on Android, its certainly going to be a treat for Android users.