LG is a known brand that has the reputation of delivering high quality product to its customers. Ever since the success of its LG Optimus smartphone, the company is planning to introduce its successor that will sport a wide range of advanced features as well as specifications. The product is expected to be named as LG 3D Max.

Some of the expected key features of LG 3D Max include;

  • 1.2 GHz clocked T1 Processor
  • Screen display size of 4.3 inches
  • An updated version of LG 3D UI is expected
  • The device is expected to provide a much better resolution compared to the present 480 x 800 pixels

Other than these features, there is no official information regarding other specifications of this much anticipated device. More information regarding the features of this amazing device will be available at the Mobile World Congress. It is for sure that the customers are expecting an extended battery life as well as a better form factor from this yet to be released product.