Lets admit the fact that there are times when you don’t have an Internet connection on your Android device, but you still want access to a file you’ve saved in Google Docs, right ? Well from now on you can select any file in Google Docs to make it available offline. So regardless of whether you’re connected to the internet or not, you’re ALWAYS able to access those  files.

Even better, Google Docs automatically updates your offline files when you’re on Wi-Fi. You can also manually update files anytime you have a data connection by opening the file or tapping ‘Update’ from the Offline section of the app. Changes can also be made when the app is running in offline mode which would automatically get updated as soon as the tablet hits the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.


The offline functionality is not the only new feature in this update. There’s also a new feature for tablet users. Now when you open a document (while online) you will see a high-resolution version which makes viewing even more pleasing to the eye, pages can easily be flipped with just a few swipes here and there for getting a quick overview of your work.               


Like always, Google have come up with yet another useful tweaking (update) to their already renowned Google Docs with a few new exciting features which are not only very helpful but also help save a lot of time for people who are always on the go and don’t have internet connectivity all the time. The free app is available on the Market and can be downloaded from here.

Source: Android and Me