The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7510 is another Android device that is easy to root. With the use of various tools and methods provided by developers, you can easily root this device in a few minutes. For all those of you who have not rooted their Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi  yet and are planning to do so, just follow these simple steps.

Samsung Galaxy Tab


So before you start just make sure to back-up everything and everything means EVERYTHING as I have always mentioned before and am again repeating it, Backing up the data is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing and should not be overlooked at any cost  Since files can be corrupted or lost during this rooting process , all your images, videos and music should be saved on some external device or SD card. Since this an Android device use it to sync your contacts with Google application so you don’t lose them either. Also before starting make sure your battery level is high enough so it doesn’t power down in the middle of the process (Im sure nobody wants that to happen now do they)

Next, connect your device to a Windows computer. On your Galaxy Tab 10.1 enable the USB debugging option (Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging) and make sure you turn off any firewalls or antivirus programs during the process.

The last requirement is to download three things (do not extract them right away):

  1. Odin
  2. Recovery application
  3. Rooting file

The Rooting Steps

  1. Extract the Odin folder to get the Odin application.
  2. Since you’ve connected the Tab to the computer, you can now copy the Root file ZIP folder on to your Tab. Now plug the Tab out and turn it OFF, so you can turn it ON in download mode.
  3. To turn it on in Download Mode, hold the volume down and the rocker key and then turn it ON. If you don’t turn it ON in Download Mode, then power it down until you can get into it.
  4. Once  you got Download Mode, open Odin on your computer and connect your Galaxy Tab again
  5. Once connected you will see something changing in the Odin window. The ID : COM section will be turning yellow which will mean that all the drivers have been installed successfully (see the image bellow).
    root galaxy tab 10.1 wi fi 

  6. After this click on the PDA button and find and select the “recovery.tar.md5” file you downloaded previously.
  7. Click start, which will install the recovery mode. The Galaxy Tab will restart and once it powers up again you need turn it OFF so you can turn it ON in recovery mode.
  8. Once in recovery mode use the options of “wipe cache partition” as well as “wipe data / factory reset” and select “yes” so that both of these options are processed (see the image bellow).
  9. After this, you need to select the option “install zip from SD card” to select the ZIP archive you downloaded and placed in your Tab at the start of the process. Once it is selected, you need to wait a few minuets for it to install.
  10. Finally select “go back” and “reboot now” and the rooting process will be finished! Congratulations, you have now rooted your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!


The rooting process will void the warranty of your device. If warranty is a priority for you, do not proceed with this process. And, if you decide to proceed, read the instructions carefully to avoid any issues along the way.

These instructions have been known to work for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7510 WiFi-only (Retail) and Google I/O versions so they may or may not work for other versions. 

So, proceed at your own risk and hold no one liable for whatever damage you will cause to your tablet by following this guide !!

Source: Android Devices