Finally there is good news for all the Asus Transformer Prime users out there. Be ready for the installation of an update to your corresponding Android 4.0 device. The update is expected to fix a number of bug problems and will come with an improved overall performance.


For updating the device;

  • Go to Settings page
  • Click on ‘About Tablet’
  • Then the users will have to click on ‘Firmware Updates’

The downloading can be done within a span of seconds.

Some of the key developments expected in this new update include;

  • New Kernel
  • Battery life
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Enhanced GPS functionality
  • High Performance
  • Reboot issue fixed

One of the drawbacks that are still there in the update is that they have still not introduced the Bootloader unlocking functionality. In spite of that the latest update is sure to bring smiles to all those Asus Transformer Prime users out there.