Not so long ago a news was leaked by HTC  which left everyone including myself craving to set their eyes on its upcoming quad-core beast known as the “Endeavor” which is expected to be show-cased at Mobile World Congress, well it seems LG took the news quite seriously and now even they are planning to unveil their own monster currently dubbed as the LG X3 – P880.

Another interesting thing which has surfaced is the fact that this device is supposed to get the 4.0.3 version of ICS currently known as Vanilla. We all know that LG in the past has suffered the wrath of critics over its software UI and a few other related issues, so this time around they are not willing to take any such risks whatsoever.

Everyone is eager to get their hands on this device at MWC in Barcelona,  till then lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Source: Android Central