Here is good news for all the LG G2x as well as Optimus 2x users. Both of the dual tegra2 phones are all set to receive the CyanogenMod 9 ICS update. It has to be noted that the work is still in progress and it is still unofficial as well as unsupported as far as the sources are concerned. Even though the development is still in alpha stages, users can very well give a try on their own risk.

Some of the main hurdles that are present include the camera as well as video issues. But there seems to be a substantial improvement in the Face Unlock feature. Another significant improvement that comes with both the devices includes the smoother working of the ClockWorkMod Touch Recovery.

Some of the key features of LG G2x include;

  • Tegra2 processor
  • 1000 MHz CPU clock speed
  • 512 MB RAM capacity
  • Front Facing camera is also present