Motorola Xyboard considered being one of the most sought after tablets is all set to receive an over the Air update which is expected to include some very purposeful features. The tablet arrives in international market with screen display sizes of 8.2 inches as well as 10.1 inches.


One of the biggest attractions as far as the update of Motorola Xyboards is concerned includes the increased capability of roaming internationally by making use of a GSM connection. This update was one of the major highlights as far as the news released by Verizon is concerned.

Some of the key features that come with the update include;

  • Improvised browser performance that is applicable for both 8.2 inches as well as 10.1 inches
  • Increased maintenance of the connection of data while switching between Wi-Fi as well as 3G/LTE
  • Inclusion of stylish and attractive enhancements for the 10.1 inch version of the tablet