Since quite a long time their were rumors that Ubuntu for Android will be available in the market. Well at the Mobile World Congress in Bareclona the rumors were not rumors anymore. At Hall 7 of the MWC Canonical was showing off what Ubuntu can do when its paired with the dual and quad core powered smart phones. The software was as impressive as the rumors flying around them.

The thought behind this is that a smart phone carrying a “minimum” dual- core processor  will have a Linux kernel. Your phone will be running on Android as well as Ubuntu, so when you will plug your phone via an HDMI display, the phone will automatically switch from Android to Ubuntu for a full desktop experience.

The best part about this is that Ubuntu has full access of all your contacts, mails and apps. So you can send an email, make a phone call, have a video conference on your big screen display. The apps will run in windows form, though Canonical have said that it will be further refined before its launch date later this year..

Now the only issue is that officially no smart phone manufacturer has given this option. So i guess for the earlier stages it would be up to some programmers to find a way through.


Android Central at Mobile World Congress

Source: MWC

Video Source: Android Central