After breaking up with Ericsson, Sony has come up with a sleek range of super powered smartphones for the year 2012.
One  App by Android with the service provided by Sony has caught the eyes of many critics and is being highly applauded by users alike. The app known as Sony Music Unlimited allows for online streaming of millions of songs, previously it required a steady stream of  web connection to play the songs smoothly. But, a lot of other 3rd party apps on Google Play (previously Android Market ) have an offline option, which this app did not have.

Recently Sony unveiled its new version of the app, with the much needed option of saving your play-lists and listening to them offline. This is very handy when you are travelling in a plane, or areas with weak network coverage.

Music Unlimited customers can switch to the data-free listening mode by pressing Menu > Switch to Offline Mode.

3 easy steps  to download a playlist for offline playback :

1. Go to My Library > Playlists
2. Tap the Options button for playlists to make offline
3. Select “Available Offline”

Though this update has only reached the smartphone audience yet, soon it will be available for tablet users as well.


Source: Google Play