Sony in the gaming industry is known mainly for its PlayStation devices. Now its bringing some of its titles to the Android world. Sony for reason’s unknown was not able to launch the PlayStation support for the Xperia S before the smart phones official launching at theMobile World Congress in February. Sony have finally unveiled this service and is available for download for the Xperia S and its Japanese version the Acro HD as well. There are two apps 1. PlayStation Store 2. PS Pocket app

In order to use these apps, yo will first need to enable non-Market applications in Settings > Applications. Then click on the option “Lets Start PS store” in the app tray. Finally download the two above mentioned applications, where you can buy and play games. There are a lot of games in the market, but some of them are only playable on the Xperia Play so far.In order to use theses applications it is necessary to have a PlayStation Network or Sony Entertainment Network account, in order to receive Sony’s gaming pleasure. According to Sony the PlayStation Certification will be available for all of Sony’s  2012 line up, like the Xperia P, Xperia U etc.

Source: Engaget