Google Chrome Beta is updated for Android devices, which is principally aimed at bug fixes. This new revision has enhanced superior compatibility of various devices which runs on Android 4.0. Now, Google Chrome can smoothly run on any ICS versions.  But still some difficulties including the issue of toggling between mobile and desktop UA, are still not resolved in the new beta update announced.

If the user finds out any trouble in Chrome Beta, then they are provided with a facility to let Google know about the bug by directly submitting it. Google Chrome has turned out to be the fastest and light weightiest mobile browser.

This update is the second one since after Chrome beta for android was launched in Google Play. However, this can only be regarded as a maintenance update which can be used to confirm various bugs. Moreover, it also addresses some issues related to compatibility check which acts as a barrier for the application to start up on some devices. Furthermore, the admirers can expect Chrome beta on Android 2.0+ devices in the coming years.