Android being open source has always been seen in sleek and elegant looking smartphones from different smartphone manufactures world wide. One company in particular had refused to use Google’s Mobile OS in their smartphones, any guesses? If you guessed the Finland Mobile Giant “Nokia” then your spot on. Nokia when it released the N9 it was the first phone running the OS Meego, but it did not get as much appreciation as Nokia would have liked. None-the-less “stats are stats” and according to them, Nokia phones are still sold the most in the world.  Now all those who had dreamt of using Android on a Nokia device, well their dreams just came true.

So all those who got the N9 in a world surrounded with Android should not feel lonely, thanks to NITDroid . This initiative is known as “Project Mayhem”, their goal is simple to run an Android OS on a Nokia device. This build is the Alpha version, so those who are brave are the ones worthy of  achieving this daunting feat. In this build almost all the Android functions are working, except for a few due to a sleep bug, this problem will be solved via future builds.

The Nokia N9 packs a wicked punch with the third-gen TI OMAP 3630 single-core chip. It also has 1 GB of Ram, and with the screen size around 3.9″, is able to run Google’s latest Android version the Ice Cream Sandwich without a hitch. The video given below is a demonstration of ICS on the N9.


Source: NITDroid