Samsung have unveiled their new ambassador, and its none other than the queen of the tennis court Maria Sharapova. Maria in the past has been an endorser of Motorola and Sony Ericson. Maria with Motorola had done “The Digital Sharapova Experience”, and was seen in promoting Sony Ericson in their mobile un-boxing videos as well as making personal appearances in their events. Maria has always been a lover of phones, so she was destined to end up signing a contract with one of the top players in the mobile world to date – “Samsung”.

The three year deal is for Samsung’s mobile devices, tablets and TV’s. Samsung has chosen her to unveil one of their greatest creations soon (could be the Galaxy S3).  According to her agent Max Eisenbud  currently the contract is for Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (Sharapova’s Home Region).

“Maria really hasn’t been marketed that much in Russia,” Eisenbud said. “It’s important to her because that’s where her roots are. I also felt that was a really untapped market, with the 2014 Sochi Olympics coming up.”

There are chances, that her contract will be extended to a global level by next year. Some critics say this is a bad move on Samsung’s part though, as Sharapova was the ambassador of Sony Ericson which does not exist any more and Motorola a company who is on the verge of selling itself to Google. What do you have to say on this regard feel free to comment.


Source: Bloomberg Business Week