Ever since the launch of  Windows Phone 7, the Metro UI has received positive reviews from critics across the board. That being said, it is difficult to imagine Android loyalists leaving behind their trusty Android devices in favor of a WP7 device. After using Android for a while and a change is required then this UI is the thing for you.

You can now get the Metro UI for your Android handset now too, with the release of the WP7 ROM. The custom ROM follows the form of the Metro UI for WP7 , but seemingly without the same smoothness as the original. It is also not available for most Android devices yet, but that is likely to change as we go along. It does do a good job of mimicking the WP7  launcher which, most will agree, is the most appealing feature of the OS.

As we have mentioned time and time again that even though custom ROMs are pleasing to the eye, they still have their fair share of issues to go along with all the eye candy. Like being said the Metro UI ROM also comes packed with a few glitches here and there but they can be overlooked if not taken into depth that much. While the ROM operates quite well, there have been some complaints regarding some of the widgets such as the music widget which has a tendency to not work correctly, but a fix is being promised with future updates lined up in store as well.

The ROM currently only works on rooted devices so if you own one then go ahead and give it a try, for the rest of us who do not feel like rooting our precious little Android then this is not the news for you. So warning, all the brave of heart who want to tinker with their phone do so, other wise stock is your thing. Check out the video below to get a first hand glimpse of the Metro UI installed on a rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Warning: Rooting can make your device unstable and in some cases non-responsive if done incorrectly and should be done entirely on owner’s risk. Talkandroidphones is not responsible for any damage incurred during or after the rooting procedure has been completed.