Whenever we see secret agents on TV, they always have cool looking earphones on. If you ever wished of being one, then this article is just for you. There are a new line of headphones called “earHero”, these are a tube based audio system that goes around the back of your head and into each ear.Yes they look very cool!

Unlike the ones we see on secret agents, these are not communication devices, just your  ordinary headphones. These headphones promote stealth yet safety at the same time, the headphones are encouraged to people who like to run, jog, skate or ride a bike because these headphones do not completely block sound so that people can be aware of their surroundings.

These headphones on top of looking super cool, boast that they have “best in-range quality “. This can not be still confirmed until they hit the shelves. If you are interested in this device, then be sure to visit their site.  “www.earHero.com”