Samsung is bringing in new features to make the new Galaxy Note smartphone look better. As a primary step, they have implemented a joint venture with Rovio to bring out 30 additional levels of Angry Birds Space which has been ranked as one of the premium social games in the market. All what the admirers need to do is to just own the Galaxy smart phone for $650 and enjoy playing the 30 extra levels.

Samsung also has included the Lazer Bird to its Galaxy Note. It helps to enhance viewing experience through the Galaxy expansive screen. Moreover its laser strike system powers up the performance of the handset.

The special package of Angry Birds Space game will be made available to the Galaxy Android smartphone users through the Samsung Apps as well as Android Market. This package would be well suited for all the Galaxy smartphones which runs on Android 2.1 or on any higher versions.

With this package of Angry Birds, Samsung has entered into the business for propping up Galaxy Note smartphone as a gaming gadget.