The HTC One X has been creating alot of buzz since its launch a few weeks ago. By now we all know what this beast of a phone is capable of doing; from its Quad-core processor to its lightning fast camera, this device has it all. Now the big question which comes to everyone’s mind is how DURABLE this phone actually is. Whenever buying a new device, there’s often one question that sits in the back of everyone’s mind. One that not too many people are brave enough (or have pockets deep enough) to find out the answer to. How well can this device the HTC One X in this case survive a drop? It’s almost too painful to even think about it.

Well, the boys at HTCPedia were brave/crazy enough to find out the answer to this question by subjecting their HTC One X to a variety of common drop scenarios, first one at hip height, then the more unlikely shoulder height drop, and finally, the worst scenario that could ever befall a device, that 1 in 6 chance a phone actually lands flat on its screen. How well did the HTC One X perform? As painful as it might be to watch, I still dare you guys to check the video out.


So after watching the video what’s your take on it ? Do let us know your comments