Here is a news which is going to leave most of the HTC (QWERTY) fans a little bit disappointed. HTC’s creative director Claude Zellweger made an announcement at a press event in Seattle stating that from now onward HTC would not be producing devices having physical keyboards instead the company would be focusing more on improving its on-screen keypad software to consumers.

In Zellweger’s own words “As a company the QWERTY keyboard we’re moving away from in general” . He also added that “putting too much effort into that [QWERTY phones] would take away from our devices.”

The physical keyboard has been on the decline, with fewer handsets sporting a slider form factor. The QWERTY persists mostly with BlackBerry devices and those designed to emulate them. The move towards increased input area via larger screen sizes and thinner phones utilizing a unibody design that makes the full QWERTY keyboard an expendable option.

Even though most of the popular smartphones released in the past few years have not had physical keyboards, QWERTY devices have played a key role in the development of Android and its growth since the very beginning and it would be very hard to imagine a world without QWERTY keyboard enabled Android devices specially for those who even today hate typing with a virtual keyboard and have a craving to actually get a feel of what they are pressing onto. Do you think HTC is making the right decision by abandoning development of new QWERTY devices ? Let us know your comments below.