Samsung users are excited with Android 2.3.6 update announced for Samsung Infuse 4G.  The new updates make the gadget look more exciting and infusing. This cool update brought ahead a lot of improved changes.

Key Features

  • Copy and Paste functionality in its best version
  • Software Keyboard enabling Multi Touch functionality
  • Download manager feature
  • Management of Power and also application control
  • “Flight Mode” feature is added by removing silent mode
  • Amazing font options incorporated like Choco Cooky, Cool Jazz and also Rosemary
  • Efficient Android Keyboard
  • New Widgets included
  • Menu Changes with new applications

New applications and downloading capability of Google books are brought ahead with this update. The content provider name will be included in the widget list with the widget name. New widgets like Traffic are included in the new update. Android keyboard is really cool with quick keys being placed at the top and also with Wider Spaced keys.