The latest buzz in the market is of a bunch of superheroes saving the world. Any guesses??? If its “Avengers” then your spot on. If your one of the millions of super fans who have helped The Avengers Movie gross around $200 million in the box office last week, then this is just for you. Thanks to Bloop one of Devian Art’s member you can show off your favorite super hero on your phone, with the amazing wallpapers created by him. Though the wallpapers are originally made for the desktop, with the help of cropping you can adjust the face to be aligned in the center or off center which ever way you like.


The wallpapers look very sharp and look really nifty on your phone. You will sure to find your favorite super hero there, with a bunch of oldies which you all might have forgotten. The wallpapers look really good with the Android phones running ICS or have an ICS theme on them. I myself am a huge fan and, this is how it looks on my Galaxy S II.


If you are planning to download the 47 MB file directly on your phone, then make sure you have an app like Android Zip, to unzip the files. You can download the wallpapers from here .


Source: Devian Art