Gamers have always had to choose which platform to buy new games for namely a console, PC, or handheld. Until now. With NVIDIA GeForce GRID technology, gamers will have the freedom to play games from the cloud on any display, including TVs, monitors, notebooks, tablets, and even smartphones.

Gaikai will work on all types of displays

First-generation cloud gaming platforms suffer from long latency or lag, low-quality graphics and high costs because of a 1:1 ratio of game streams to data center servers. NVIDIA GeForce GRID technology resolves these obstacles and will make game streaming as common as renting a movie online.

NVIDIA GeForce GRID next-generation cloud gaming offers a host of benefits, including:

  • The latest GeForce GPU technology for amazing graphics
  • Lower server latency so cloud games feel just like a local console
  • Reduced power and cost per game stream for service operators

NVIDIA’s Kepler chip allows for virtualized GPUs so a single server can power thousands of low-latency remote displays. Gaikai has designed custom servers and distributed them in data centers across the globe, and they claim to offer the lowest latency, highest quality experiences possible.

To demonstrate the technology in action Gaikai showed off an upcoming game called Hawken that was running on the ASUS Transformer Prime. This first-person shooter mech game looked amazing and it easily topped anything we have ever seen on Android. The developer Adhesive Games says Hawken will be available on December 12th, but we expect Gaikai and other games should hit Android before then.

Right now we don’t have a release date for Gaikai on Android, but I highly suggest you play with their Facebook app for a quick demo. I just wasted a good 30 minutes playing Dead Rising 2, and I can’t wait for this service to come to Android devices. Check out Gaikai’s promo video below to get a feel of some of the other games that are already available to play.

Does this look like a service you would pay to play on Android ? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.