Instagram is a kind of photo sharing program (free) that was launched in October of 2010. The program allows a user to take photos and mix it with digital filter to make it better and attractive. After preparing the photos, a user can share them in different social media sites that include intagram’s personal site as well. The feature and functionality of the device is almost the same as Polaroid and Kodak Instamatic. Like these, it also confines the photos in square shapes only. Though users often confuse its features with that of the mobile cameras, but the photo sharing program is quite different from the other.

The program was so advanced that different Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iPod and others, initially supported it. The company initially permitted support for other android camera phones both higher version and the running ones. There the program was distributed via the Google play and the iTunes apps.

Users Note

The latest photo sharing program is advance to that extent that not everybody is allowed to use it. A user of the program must obey a few rules that have been decided by the company. When you use the official website of the program to avail different services it means that you agree to follow the rules by heart. Here are a few rules that you have to be abiding by while using the photo sharing program:

• The minimum age of the user of the site should be 13.
• A user is never allowed to post sexual photos, neither complete nor partial nude images.
• You have no right to abuse, insult, threaten or harass any other user of the site.
• The photo sharing program services can’t be used for any illegal or unauthorized services.
• International users have to comply with local news to share contents and inter exchange any data.

The news

April 2012 was a very good time for the owners of the photo sharing program site. The Facebook has decided to pay almost $1 billon to make the sharing program a part of there site. There motto is to blend photo sharing with social media. Record says it is one of the most powerful acquisitions deals that have been signed so long.

The new deal will help the android phone users to avail the photo sharing services in there phones rapidly. So long it was not that much available for the apple user. Facebook has made it possible to be used by all. Till now the photo sharing site has 30 millions users who shared almost 5 millions of photos every day. After the deal is signed, the number will increase and good luck to both the Facebook and the photo sharing site owners.

A mobile creation

The photo sharing program is being regarded as a mobile creation. Soon after getting connected with the Facebook team the popularity of the application is supposed to increase a manifold. Huge number of users will try it in the mobile, as it is not always possible to use the system, for photo sharing. As the world is becoming mobile centric, the title mobile creation is thus perfect for the program.