One of the major attractions of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich was its face unlocking system but unfortunately it failed to live up to its expectations. One of the major complaints which users usually had was with the accuracy and reliability of using the method to access one’s phone. There were certainly a few glitches here and there which were highlighted by some of the annoyed users such as the phone could be unlocked even if you put a picture of the person who has set the face lock in front of the front facing camera and there were times when the phone could easily be unlocked by placing that person’s video in front of the camera.

These are some pretty serious issues which Google had to deal with and it seems that they have certainly stepped foot in the right direction with its upcoming Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean which was revealed at Google I/O and would be available to the public some time in July.  According to the folks on the xda-developer forums , Face Unlock now has a new “Liveness Check” feature that requires a person to blink before the device in question unlocks itself. Even though this new feature adds an extra layer of security, it still remains more of a neat party trick rather than anything super useful.


The process does take a bit more time than simply typing in a pin or swiping a pattern but as they say all good (read Google) things come with a price. With the added blink procedure, things slow down even more and even with the additional security, Face Unlock still doesn’t feel like the most reliable way to keep your phone under lock and key. It does go without saying that even with this new change in place, the more security-conscious among you should stick with something more heavy duty from the get-go like say, a heavy duty PIN or password. Wouldn’t you agree ?