Google never fails to amaze us now does it ? Even when it comes down to the tiniest of (relatively having no significance at all) things like the the little “Easter Egg” animation within the “About phone” and “About tablet” pages. On a Jelly Bean device like the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7, head to Settings > About phone and tap repeatedly on “Android version: 4.1” until you see the picture of this cute little happy Jelly Bean guy filling the screen. Then long press on the middle of the screen, and you’ll get a screen filled with more Jelly Beans, which you can fling around using your finger.

You’ll also note a candy cane among the field of Jelly Beans. I’m not sure exactly why that’s there, but it only seems to appear occasionally. As I mentioned earlier, this little animation has absolutely no significance whatsoever but still it manages to fascinate those who have seen it. I for example would definitely be the one leading that long line, would you ?