Parallel Kingdom and Parallel Mafia makers PerBlue, a mobile and gaming company from the US, has recently released an all new location-based MMORPG game exclusive to android devices named “Parallel Zombies”.

PerBlue’s this android exclusive game is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is just swarming with mindless and horrifying zombies which the player, as a survivor, has to kill. It’s the same old story as all those other brainless zombie shooter games that Google Play is filled with but the thing that sets “Parallel Zombies” apart from those is the fact that in “Parallel Zombies” the player doesn’t have to go around slashing zombies all the time…alone. That’s right in “Parallel Zombies” the player can interact with other players, kill zombies with them or teaming up with them to complete missions that will save the world, and all this in real-time.

There are three character classes: soldier, hunter and doctor, and players can create multiple characters to play. Each of these character classes come with unique skills for players to level up as they earn experience in the game, like increased damage and healing abilities.

“Parallel Zombie” is also much more focused on social interactions than PreBlue’s previous games. Player can interact with each other and there is also in-game chatting along with real-time multiplayer. Also with a matchmaking system, players can find folks to team up with on special zombie-slaying missions that offer numerous rewards.

PerBlue has also modified and improved the character customization on “Parallel Zombies” and the avatar is now much more customizable than it was in “Parallel Mafia”. The avatar also appears very large in-game which in turns makes the customizations we did on our avatar more visible and much more prominent.

PerBlue’s Ellie Humphrey said

“Kind of a pain point that we learned along the way is that people are really, really attached to their avatars, and they want to be able to see the representation of their avatars in the game,so we made the avatar almost 3X bigger for this game.”

Both of PerBlue’s previous multi-platform games, “Parallel Mafia” and “Parallel Kingdoms” had been very successful with “Parallel Mafia” (iOS and Android) reaching 120,000 player in a mere two months. According to Ellie Humphrey  most of the gamers are Android user and so this time around the studio has developed a game that was only released on Android.  “Parallel Zombies” was released on July 19.