Dropbox has recently announced a block buster of a news for its Pro users. The users using the 50 and 100 GB storage plans will now have their storage capacity doubled for absolutely free! This in simple terms means if you are using the 50 GB storage package then your space just got doubled to a 100 GB. Not only this but Dropbox have also introduced a new 500 GB storage package.

The upgrades will take effect automatically for the existing users, but if your a new user then you would have to choose this option. Dropbox has been expanding substantially in recent time, to boost this even further they have allowed Pro members usin the 100 GB storage package to give their friends and family a free three month trial.

This shows that Dropbox have been listening to the views of its customers and have taken this step, a lot more good things are expected from the storage provider in the near future. For more information on this, visit their blog here.