Google phone owners have perks of getting Android updates before any other manufacturer’s devices. This is the case again, and even though the Galaxy Nexus S was a bit late in recieving the ICS update, this time around it will be one of the first devices to receive the Jelly Bean update.

Google have just announced that the OTA (Over The Air) update for the Glaxy Nexus S has started to roll in for the international version of the phone. The vendor specific phones will vary as to when they will be getting the update. There is 1 bad news as well; all owners of the Galaxy Nexus S will not be getting the update, there are two variants of the device the US CDMA version with the Super AMOLED screen (i9020) and the other is the European version with the SC-LCD display (i9023). The US variant will sadly be not recivieng the update any time soon.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has a variety of changes as compared to the previous ICS OS.The changes include a sleek black layout (compared to the blue of the previous version), a faster UI, improved voice search, expandable drop down notification functions and a few aaded features such as Google Now.