Smartphone batteries have been really big trouble makers and most of us have been facing problems coping up with the limited battery life. In this post we’ll be covering a few useful and portable accessories for your vehicles.

BlackBerry In-Vehicle 1A Charger

The OEM BlackBerry In-Vehicle 1A Charger is a handy little accessory to keep in the car which comes handy when one is always on the go and doesn’t get time to charge their devices.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus BlackBerry In-Vehicle 1A Charger

This compact charger provides easy, reliable charging in your vehicle so your smartphone is ready to use when you get to your destination. Simply plug it into your car’s vehicle power socket and connect it to your phone.
With this convenient car charger your mobile device will charge at a rate of 1amp and you can enjoy unlimited talk and standby time while simultaneously charging your phone.

Qmadix USB Mobile Duo 2.1A

The Qmadix USB Mobile Duo Charging Kit gives you maximum flexibility when charging your device. The Qmadix USB Dual Mobile Charging Kit provides up to 2.1 amps for quick mobile charging.

The USB Dual Mobile Charging Kit allows you to charge two different devices in your vehicle simultaneously while utilizing the included Charging-Data Sync Cables.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Qmadix USB Mobile Duo 2.1A Charging Kit


  • USB Dual Mobile Charging Hub
  • iPhone/iPod Charging-Data Sync Cable
  • Micro-USB Charging-Data Sync Cable


  • Provides up to 2.1 amps for quick charging
  • Sonically sealed, rugged polycarbonate
  • Advanced smart circuitry to prevent overheating/overcharging
  • Input 12-24V
  • Output 5V @ 2.1A