Samsung Wants Your Old Phones If You Want Their New Ones


If your in USA and thinking of upgrading your old cell phone to a shiny new Galaxy S3 or any other Samsung smartphone then Samsung has a very exciting deal to offer. The Korean tech company is now ready to buy your old smartphones if you are upgrading to a Galaxy smartphone. The process is rather simple. After purchasing a Galaxy S2, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note or “other Samsung phones,” one only needs to fill out a form straight from Samsung’s Facebook page and send out the used device. The form will ask you basic information about your old phone like Does it work?  Is the screen cracked ? etc. After that, you send out your device and a cheque will come in the mail soon afterwards. They accept all kinds of smartphones; from BlackBerries to iPhones.


One thing which should be noted here is the fact that even though Samsung will purchase your old phones, its not going to offer a lucrative price which means if you sell your device on eBay, BestBuy or any other online Marketplace for that matter you will relatively get a much better price as compared to what Samsung has to offer.

For those who are not interested in selling their devices on the aforementioned sites then this would be a perfect option for them to consider. Personally, I would rather keep my device or sell it myself. But if you think this is the most convenient way to upgrade to a new Samsung smartphone, head over to the company’s Facebook page and fill out the form. Are you willing to avail this offer ? Do share your opinions with us