The Samsung Galaxy S III tends to stand out from the rest of its competitors in more ways than one. Besides offering a host of different options like S voice, Smart Stay and S Beam to name a few; it has lots more to offer as well. For example, there is one particular feature in the phone  which has not yet been touched upon and that’s the phone’s Motion Control capabilities.

Once you begin to explore the settings and menus you will find yourself opened up to quite an array of new ways to use this phone. Accelerometers and gyroscopes are not new anymore to mobile phones.  Anyone who has used their phone like a steering wheel in a racing game or taken advantage of a gyroscope in navigation software knows how cool this technology really is.  Essentially, when a phone can sense movement and gravity it can do all sorts of things. Samsung have really pushed this funcionality to its limit with the Galaxy S III

The video review gives an in-depth coverage of the S3’s motion capabilities