Google have just brought a revolutionary update to its Google Translate app for Android. Initially the app only translated stuff from multiple languages but now after the update, it has the ability to actually capture and translate any written language with a click of your smartphone’s camera. That’s right folks, from now on all you need to do is just snap a picture of something written in a foreign language which you cannot read/understand and the app will automatically translate it for you. This little feature also seems to be quite helpful for those who travel a lot and are not quite aware of the foreign language.

The app is relatively quite simple to use, all you need to do is just highlight the text in an image by swiping your finger across it to highlight it (see photo below), and Translate applies Google’s image-recognition algorithm to figure out what the printed words are, and then translates them to your designated language.

Google Translate Android


What’s New in Google Translate for Android:

  • Use camera to take a picture and brush text to translate (available on Android 2.3 and above).
  • Get instant translation results as you type.
  • Choose dialect preference for speech input.
  • Japanese handwriting now recognizes multiple characters at once.
  • Added access network state permission to check network availability when sending requests.