We’ve all tried and tested our luck when it comes to using Web browsers on our Android Devices and there are without a doubt quite a few ones that are worth mentioning here like Opera Mini, Google Chrome and Dolphin Browser to name a few. Now to compete against these stand-out browser’s is a much worthy competitor in the form of xScope Browser Pro.

Besides having all the basic nitty gritty’s which a modern Android browser has to offer like Flash and HTML5 support, gesture controls, incognito modes etc etc, what makes the xScope Browser stand out from the rest is its “Darken Mode” option which basically allows you to save battery by converting bright whites to cooler blacks, theoretically reducing the power drain of your phone’s display.

xScope Browser for Android    

Another good feature worth mentioning here is the browser’s draw gestures, many of which make browsing using only one hand a totally new and different experience. The most-touted gesture is a new method of zoom called pin-to-zoom. Double tap your thumb or finger anywhere on the page and, without lifting it, drag up or down to zoom in and out. Double-tap and swipe left to right to switch tabs.

There are some limitations in this, as you can’t manipulate the focus of your zoom as you go and, if you are viewing a particularly crowded page, hitting a link can sometimes interrupt the gesture.But the pin functions aren’t the only finger gestures supported. Swiping left to right without double-tapping seamlessly navigates forward and backward through a tab’s history, pulling down on a tab with two fingers will close it, and you get a standard double-tap zoom and pinch-to-zoom. xScope Browser also offers an option for you to import/export your bookmarks from your native browser.


There is also a built in Pop-up Blocker for blocking unwanted ads while browsing a particular website. One tiny issue which we faced with the browser’s pinch-to-zoom feature was that it can get confused for the two-finger tab close in some instances, especially when closing a tab was the last thing you wanted to do. Luckily gesture input is customizable, so you can eliminate certain functions if you want. Besides this little hitch, the browser overall looks to be quite impressive and sleek. Available as a paid app on the Google Play Store for $2.99


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