Apple finally had the last laugh when it came to the patent war against Samsung. Those of you who do not know about this, you must be hiding under a rock. The case was for the geometric and design of the Samsung smart phones namely the Galaxy Nexus 4G  and Galaxy S2. The win for Apple meant that Samsung have to pay them around $1 billion. Though Apple did not win all the rulings, so Samsung have still some fire power left in them to charge ahead.

They also failed to win the design patent for the iPad, this meant that the tablet wars can still carry on without a hitch. Samsung due to the defeat, have their shares plummeted by 7 percent and in process losing around $12 billion in market share. According to sources, Samsung will roll out a new update for its Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus 4G smart phones after the loss, as the interface was supposedly “copied” from Apple products.


Source: Reuters