s3 vs iPhone5


The day (of judgement as many Android-holics like myself like to call it) for which Apple fans have been anxiously waiting for has FINALLY arrived !!! Now before you all start wondering about any new patent lawsuits or anything of that sort, let me refresh your memory and remind you all once again that on this very day, i.e. the 12th day of September 2012, the iPhone 5 has (finally) been “officially” launched by Apple ending months of speculation and anticipation. Since the day Samsung launched its flagship phone of 2012 , the Galaxy S3, it has been the most talked about and also one of the highest selling devices since its launch in May. Till now Samsung has managed to sell more then 20 million units of this amazing device worldwide and there are further rumors stating that this figure might reach 30 million before the end of the current calendar year.

iPhone 5

So now coming back to our earlier discussion regarding Apple’s next flagship phone and what it has to offer. Is it better then its predecessor ? Does it have any such distinguishing features which are currently not available in other devices ? Does it have the “wow” factor when you lay your eyes on it the first time ? Well these are just a few of the many possible questions which could and would certainly arise once the iPhone 5 gets available to the general public on September 21st, 2012. So what are the very first answers which pop up in your head after reading all this ? Would Apple be successful in regaining its already fading market or does Samsung have another road block in store for them ? Do share your views with us !!


                          Apple iPhone 5 vs The Samsung Galaxy S3 at a glance

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3