When Samsung initially started pushing 4G LTE technology in their Android devices, they made it extremely clear that if Apple plan to do it as well, they will bring down the hammer on them. Apple yesterday launched its new iPhone 5 with LTE support, so will Samsung do as it said?  According to news given by the Korea Times, Samsung have already started to  prepare paper work for filing the lawsuit.

Samsung according to reports own 10% of all LTE patents in the world, which means they have a significant reason to sue Apple. Unfortunately, LTE’s status as a standard will undoubtedly force Samsung to proceed under the rules of FRAND, which means fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory.Samsung can’t completely shun Apple from using the patents, and they can’t charge a ridiculous amount of money to use them, either.

But perhaps it’ll open a much-needed door to a possible cross-licensing agreement, or a means of getting Apple to just back off. Another report claims that HTC are also on the verge of entering the LTE patent war against Apple. Samsung and HTC will most probably not be together on this, but rest assured Apple troubles just got doubled.

If anybody thought Samsung were down and out, well think again as they might just have one card up their sleeve left !!!