Renowned  gaming peripherals manufacturer Steel Series are getting ready to launch their very first Bluetooth gaming controller for Android devices called the “Steel Series Free” pretty soon. The controller brings a full-featured suite of face and shoulder buttons, as well as dual analog sticks for ultimate control with a sturdy battery which promises to last for 10 hours if gaming is to be done non-stop and approximately 20 hours otherwise on a full charge. The device will automatically sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity, and you can also use it while it’s charging.

Steel Series Bluetooth gaming controller

The controller will be compatible with games that offer native gamepad support such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Max Payne, and Shadowgun, as well as any other game that supports Zeemote mapping. Another good thing about the controller is that SteelSeries will be launching its own app called the SteelSeries Engine that will allow users to fully customize and remap the controller to their liking, so there should be no reason for anyone to be unhappy with its setup.



Now last but certainly not the least, the Steel Series Free controller currently priced at around $80, is also fully compatible with any iOS device and can even be used on a PC/Mac.