Do you want to sell off your old iPhone? If you do the HTC has just the deal for you. As most of you know HTC does not give Beats Audio headphones with their devices, but if you are willing to part with your old iPhone then you can get urBeats headset worth $99, with a purchase of the HTC One X.

All iPhone versions are valid for the exchange even the original 1st gen iPhone, the iPhone just has to be in a working condition with no damage done to the screen. Though, this offer  would not be much for anybody wanting to sell off their new iPhone 4s, as they would get much more than $99 for selling it. But, if you do not want to go in the hassle of selling the phone then just visit your nearest HTC store now or head on over to their trade up page and fill the form.

All iPhone versions are eligible, so if you have an old 1st-gen iPhone laying around this might be an enticing deal for you. The unit simply has to be in working conditions and can’t have any type of screen damage.

So are you willing to exchange your old iPhone for a pair of these masterclass headphones? Share with us your comments.