Ever had difficulty memorising your new mobile phone number? I know most people do. This is a very common problem for a lot of people especially those who change their numbers often or have a lot of mobile phone numbers to memorise. It is very easy to mix up numbers and this can result to a lot of headache.

So why is it so difficult to memorise a new phone number when all they are really is a sequence of eleven numbers? Well, it is because the numbers are often insignificant to us when we first get it. Think of this, if a phone number corresponds to your birthday, anniversary or favourite number, would you then find it easier to remember? Of  course!

Say your birthday is 5th December 1990, wouldn’t it be cool to get a mobile number that has 5121990? That would definitely be pretty easy to memorise, right? Unfortunately, phone companies do not provide you the option of choosing your own number. They might do for companies or sometimes for individuals but it comes with a high price tag.

Don’t worry, you can still get that own unique number that you want. Unique Sims offer Memorable Mobile Numbers where you can choose a unique last 6 digits and they can find a sim card that corresponds to those numbers you want. Isn’t that great? Best of all, you can choose either a contract sim or pay as you go sim. You can also choose a sim card from any of the mobile phone companies  in the UK.

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