Now here’s a fascinating little accessory which I’m sure every PlayStation 3 lover would want to get their hands on. The GameKlip is a nifty little device which once combined with the Six-axis controller of a PS3, transforms your Android device into min-console. Sounds cool doesn’t it ??


The GameKlip


One important thing to add here is the fact that GameKlip is currently available only for a handful of devices and comes in 2 versions, wired and wireless. The wired version which is the more expensive of the two costs $23 and works out-of-the-box with a few Android devices and quickly connects your device to the Six-axis controller via a USB on-the-go cable. Once connected, everything will work like magic without the need for root or any other hassle for that matter.


GameKlip Wired (cables included)


The wireless model which is available for $15, however, is a bit more tricky. Wireless requires a separate paid application called “Sixaxis controller” from the Google Play Store, another program you’ll need to install on your computer (to pair the controller), and root permissions on your device in order to get everything up and running.


GameKlip Wireless (no cables included)


Well to sum it all up, the GameKlip is a unique little device which I’m sure any Android gamer having a PS3 controller would like to add to his collection. Even though it has a few ups and downs with the wireless version, it still promises to be quite a handy accessory to carry around (specially while travelling long distances). The company is coming up with a Tablet version of the GameKlip as well which is going to be compatible with the Google Nexus 7 and a few other devices. We’ll keep you guys posted when its ready to roll out in a few months.