Samsung EX UHS-1 S3 Note2

Samsung have announced the release of their new Micro SD card line-up. The UHS-1 Extreme Ultra High Speed micro SD cards are built on the latest 20nm technology. The top of the line Pro editions intended for high speed LTE-connected phones and tablets are capable of read/write speeds at 80MB/40MB per second (SD) and 70MB/20MB per second (micro-SD). The storage capacity of these cards will be 64 GB.

The cool part about these little babies is that they act as SSDs (Solid State Drives) which substantially speeds up the performance of any compatible smartphone 2 times more than its regular speed. Till now Samsung has tested these beauties in their two flagship smartphones the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note II and both run the 64GB micro SD UHS cards without a hitch. The SD and micro SD cards will be available from Mid-October.