Microsoft vs google


It seems that we will never get to hear the end of lawsuits and patent wars as long as God knows when. Initially it was Samsung and Apple who were after each other’s heads and now it seems that there is another battle waiting to happen. This time around its between software giants Microsoft against Motorola Mobility. The lawsuit which is apparently being filed in a German court is for Motorola to make royalty payments for infringing a patent that covers the use of data points from two different sources and overlaying them on top of each other. Companies like Samsung and HTC who also utilize this feature in their Android devices, pay Microsoft a hefty patent fee on a monthly basis with reports stating that by now the company has made around $792 million in the second quarter from royalty fees paid by Android manufacturers only.

Microsoft have even raised fingers towards Google, adding them to the lawsuit as well. Apparently Motorola have revealed that the relevant data related to the case belongs with its parent company which infact  is Google but the search giants have made it very clear that it will defend itself against anything Microsoft throws towards them. A Microsoft spokesman further added,

“It became necessary to add Google to this particular case because Motorola maintains that it lacks sufficient information about actions occurring on Google’s servers.” 

Hmmm it seems like apparently everyone is after everyone these days in the tech world, the industry we love the most. Sad isn’t it ? 🙁